Saturday, 3 September 2011

Diane Shawe Celebrity Hair Extensions and Lace Wig Trainer & Advisor » Blog Archive » Hair Extension enrollment for training courses now open

Diane Shawe Celebrity Hair Extensions and Lace Wig Trainer & Advisor » Blog Archive » Hair Extension enrollment for training courses now open

Hair Extension enrollment for training courses now open

Enrollment is now open and you can register by completing the attached application form or clicking on the workshop link below.

We have a series of 1 day hair extension workshops that you might be interested in. You can reserve your place for just £10.00. Just click here for more information.

With regards to the techniques, please reveiw a couple of the popular courses and click to review some of the video testimonials.

NEW! Hook and Latch Technique
The new Hook and Latch that is flat to the touch, No glues, threads or cornrow. You client will love it and they can come back to you to retighten their extensions and use the same hair if it is in good condition. Click to see video of Hook and Latch

Micro Ring Track

The micro ring track hair extension technique is Flat to the touch brilliant technique for that natural look. As you can see from the photo on the left is also very good for integrated into a client flat relaxed hair, giving a natural look without the bulk. It is one of the only techniques suitable for really short hair. Using cold bond and silicon micro rings, extensions can be applied very close to the scalp without any bulkiness. This is also a nice technique for mature clients who want a little bit of volume without the head feeling heavy. Also very useful for model with photo shoots. Click to see video of client who had micro ring track technique

Lace Wig Technique

The introduction of the front lace and full lace wig techniques have swept the UK and more and more hair dressing stylists are looking to professional apply and remove this technique. Click to see lace wig client Client Number two Footballers Wife Testimonial

Integrated Weave & Cornrow

The Integrated weave has become a very popular technique. It is robust, does not damage clients hair. You can see what a student and clients have said about this technique. This technique also includes learning to cornrow professionally.

We have a special offer at the moment: Learn five techniques in 2 days. This will help you to become a professional consultant and offer more techniques so you can complete different types of clients. This offer is running at £850.00 and includes your kit.

The five techniques are:

  1. Micro ring Track
  2. Hook and Latch
  3. Cornrow & Braiding
  4. Integrated Weave
  5. Professional clip - in

You will need to supply two models for day two who will have to contribute £60 towards their remy hair extension. We also have a overnight travel for £120 if we come to you.

Learning five technique would increase the amount of clients you could work with who may have different hair problems. We have trained over 450 girls who are all experiencing positive financial rewards along with the pleasure they bring to solving their clients problems.

To take advantage of this special offer please complete the attached application form and email it back to us as soon as possible.